Recently was in Lubbock and visited one of my favorite burger joints, Red Robin. Love their burgers. I have tried almost all of them but never the 'egg burger' as I call it. It's actually caleed the Royal Red Robin.

I figured I love over easy or fried eggs so why not. Plus I do love an egg on top of my enchiladas. So why not combine breakfast and lunch with the 'egg burger'.

After eating it, I will tell you if your not a fan of over easy or fried eggs, then this is not for you. The burger is also messy because of the yolk, and yes the yolk will flow all over the burger.

BUT IT ROCKED!!! Loved it. It had great flavor and also came with bacon so it was like I was eating breakfast with a burger on the side. Some pepper and salt on the egg and I was good to go. Will definitely eat it again.

And yes, the'bottomless' fries added to it.

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