Yesterday I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian on a gossip site where she appears to be suffering from hair loss. Now normally I cringe at 'another Kardashian story' but this time I actually sympathize.

Let me explain....if the picture is real and not photoshopped or what have you, I feel for Kimmie K because both of us had a baby a few months ago and ladies, what sometimes happens after we have a baby? Yep, hair loss. That is something I am currently going through and have been since my baby girl turned about 3 months (she's 6 months now). It's normal because the same thing happened to me after I had my middle child but scary nonetheless.

No one told me I may lose hair after I gave birth because it was beautiful and thick and shiny during my pregnancy and I was certainly not prepared for it to come out in chunks like it has. Thank goodness for my hairdresser! lol So, just this once I will jump to North West momma's defense and say I feel ya girl, it will get better and I'm glad to see you are still human. Ladies, have you been there done that?