Ever go out to eat with a group of friends and at the end of dinner it's time to leave a tip and there's always at least one person who doesn't? It's much easier when credit cards are involved because usually you can leave the tip on the credit card slip. But, what about the times everyone's paying cash and it's time to pitch in tip money.

There's always one person who 'forgot' to bring cash  or 'doesn't carry cash'. If you have enough to pay for your food then you should have enough to leave a tip. I mean, even if somebody is paying for your meal the least you can do is throw some bills out on the table for a tip. I find it weird that it usually happens whens its a large group of people eating out together. When you see everyone else reaching for some bucks to throw out isn't that the cue to do the same yourself? And, if you don't carry cash shouldn't you stop by the ATM and grab some money for your meal and tip?   Now, if someone yells "I got it, don't worry' than maybe it's a pass as long as that person leaves enough. I would still tip though. If you had enough will and strength to eat the food then you should have enough will to pitch in for the tip.