This morning on Leo and Rebecca in the morning we talked about celebrities in Hollywood who are rumored to be difficult to work with.

A few names that made it on the list were Mariah Carey, who they say shows up late to events and makes ridiculous demands. Charlie explanation needed and Gwyneth Paltrow who they say believes everyone is 'beneath her' and she only speaks to people that she feels are worthy, in other words if you are not 'up to her standards,' she pretends you don't exist. Oh heck to the no!

Think about it though, we have our favorites...actors, singers, whatever and then there are those you just cannot stand because they look like they could be snobbish and rude. That person for me off the top of my head is Alec Baldwin. He is constantly getting into scuffles with the paparazzi and just seems like a he could be a jerk at times. Which celebrity do you think looks like they would be difficult to work with?