One of the big stories right now is the 'scene' that Diana Ross allegedly caused at a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant recently.

She was there to have lunch with her daughter, however, she arrived first and had to wait for a bit until her daughter got there. The policy at the restaurant is that you cannot be seated until your entire party has arrived. Well apparently Diana felt the rule should not apply to her, she's a celebrity! She went ahead and seated herself and the manager got involved and asked her to move, that's when Ms.Ross caused a scene. When the restaurant refused to 'bend the rules' the ladies stormed out of the eatery. 

The manager made it clear that celeb or not, everyone must follow the rules. What do you think?  Should this fancy place have just accommodated the 'legendary Diana Ross' or were they right to stick to their guns? I know that this is policy in some restaurants here in the 4-3-2 also, do you agree with it?