Over the weekend, this headline caught my eye 'Mom Gets Ticket Because Her Kid Peed in Public'. This happened in Philadelphia when Caroline Robboy got ticketed because she let her 2 year old pee in public. Mind you , he's 2 years old. Honestly he can crap in public and I'm not gonna care. Anyways, they were shopping in a store when he told his mom he's got to go. Mom asked the store if they could use the bathroom, but they didn't allow them to. I guess this store didn't have a public restroom. Which, by the way, don't you hate those stores that don't have restrooms for their customers. Really? C'mon put one in people! The mother than left the store and headed outside to a grassy patch and told her son to pee. A police witnessed this and ticketed the mom for her son's public urination. Now. I can understand ticketing someone older, but a 2 year old kid? C'mon have a heart. It was an obvious 'emrgency' situation. Mom says she's gonna fight the ticket. You know what the say; when you gotta go , you gotta go. Give the kid a break.