So I decided to do something this weekend that I had not done in quite awhile. Ladies, you will understand....I cleaned out my purse.

It honestly got to the point where I could no longer find anything in there, because not only do I keep the usual: wallet, make-up bag of some sort, planner, lotion among other things that women carry in our purses. But I also discovered a couple of things that have NO business there, such as some skittles, a butterfinger, (neither of which are mine, I don't like either one) my teenager's sunglasses, hubby's extra set of keys that have been 'lost' for awhile now, a goodie bag from a birthday party from who knows when and countless used tissues from cleaning my 6 year old's snotty nose every chance I get.

How I managed to go so long without it bothering me is beyond me! lol I guess I would just dig around, find what I needed and go on about my business? And I didn't even mention the grocery, department, fast food restaurant/store receipts from two months ago that had accumulated. Whew! That was a task. Almost like cleaning house, which is pretty pathetic. Ladies, please tell me this is normal and you've 'been there, done that.' What do you have a collection of in your purse right now?