Oh heck to the no! Did anyone watch The Bachelor finale lastnight? I didn't watch at all this season because I tried watching the very first episode but was instantly turned off by this season's Bachelor Juan Pablo.

He was very aloof, arrogant and I lost interest quickly. But I did decide to watch last night and see who he chose? It ended up being Clare, but in my opinion, the poor girl better run not stick around. Some described the finale as 'messy, unpredictable and all about Juan Pablo,' and they are exactly right! He did not propose, told Clare he 'likes her alot,' never used the word love, was very evasive when asked questions about their relationship and insists that he will now keep things 'private.'


Then you probably should not have been on a television show you jerk! Even the host Chris Harrison was obviously perturbed. lol Leo and Rebecca discussed it this morning: