Does this happen in your workplace? One of the ladies at the radio station today discovered a scorpion near her desk, so naturally we asked one of the men in the building to kill it and dispose of it. But noooooo that would be too easy.

Instead the male co-worker, scooped it up and set it free outside. Really? Just stomp on the dang thing and be done with it, I'm sure there are plenty more where that one came from. This reminded me of last summer when someone spotted a snake near their car in the parking lot, (this happens often at our workplace) a few men gathered to capture it and decided to set it free in the fields. Last I checked I do not work at a zoo or a pet store so I, for one, do not feel the need to 'be kind to insects, reptiles and critters.' Do the people in your office do this kind of thing? Maybe you have 'pet mice' at your job, who knows?