Most hip-hop fans, even those who won't mark another release date on their calendar all year, are aware of what's happening Feb. 11. That's the day that Kanye West's long-delayed seventh album, Waves, is slated to hit stores. Yet while the hype for that project has reached a fever pitch, it isn't the only interesting endeavor to claim that 24-hour window--and it might not even be the waviest drop that day.

DJ Scoob Doo has announced the impending release of a new Max B documentary, scheduled to come out on that same day. Appropriately titled Waves, the film is today (Jan. 28) previewed in trailer form, with three minutes of studio footage and cell phone arguments. It's not immediately clear what period the footage comes from--i.e.- if it will document his time after legal proceedings began in the case that would eventually land him in prison--but fans will be able to find out in short order.

In many ways, Max B is the reason for the Kanye West-Wiz Khalifa beef that erupted yesterday. Though the root cause was more likely the lingering bad blood over the rappers' mutual ex, the model, author and entrepreneur Amber Rose, the inciting incident was Wiz's insistence that Kanye should not co-opt the term "Waves" for himself, as its rightful owner is the incarcerated Max.

The Harlem native has been in a New Jersey prison since the fall of 2009 after being convicted on a series of murder, robbery and conspiracy charges stemming from his role in a botched 2006 robbery. From the time he was released from jail in 2005 (after serving a bid for an unrelated robbery) until the time he went back in, Max became one of New York's foremost stylists.

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