It’s been a while since I’ve seen our very own B93 Thug Rat. Our Digital Managing Editor Gary wasn’t too fond of him possibly chewing through our wires do to the fact that this would definitely make his job a lot harder, so he laid about 80 traps all around the station.

Little did Gary know, he was dealing with a hood rat extraordinaire. All the cheese is missing from ALL the traps and not a single one has been sprung. HE TOO REAL TO GET CAUGHT UP IN THESE STREETS!!


Unfortunately, I think he took these traps as a personal threat to him and his hood rat crew. I haven’t seen him since. He’s laying low just devising a plan and when we least expect it has gonna pull a drive by with his boys RAT-A-TAT and Smally Smallz.


Their crew RWA (Rodents With Attitude) don’t play. If the B93 crew comes up missing, you know who did it now at least. Brizzown out. Keepin it real up in these sweeps. 432 fa lyfe. B9thrizzle represent.