Today is National One-Hit Wonder Day! A one-hit wonder is a musical act or person who was known for only one hit song, or only one that anyone remembers anyway. Vanilla Ice is the perfect example! Everyone and their mama knows Ice, Ice Baby and knows every word to the song, but can you do the same with any of his other music?

I can't think of many one-hit wonders today, most of them were songs we loved back in the day, like Mickey. 'Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!' Tony Basil. Remember this video?

How about this latino heartthrob? Gerardo, Rico Suave from 1990:

OMG! You can't tell me you don't hear this song and sing along! lol Right Said Fred...

All of these songs are classics, you hear them and it takes you back in the day. Here's one more that we will never forget, let's 'Bust a Move.'