The Game has gone through quite the transformation since his debut album, The Documentary, made him a bona fide superstar well over a decade ago. He's come a long way from his take-no-prisoners approach when he first started in the hip-hop industry. The Compton native is best known for the feud with 50 Cent (and G-Unit), his numerous brawls and his more contemporary need to say what he's thinking regardless of the feathers that may be ruffled. But throughout it all, in the last few months he's become a notable philanthropic force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps it's his children—or his age—but following an encounter with a homeless man in Australia, Game caught the charitable bug. Alongside his charity, The Robin Hood Project, the rapper is making life easier for families dealing with tragedy, communities facing large-scale issues and anyone else who's life he can affect in a meaningful way. Whether it's pledging aid following disasters—like donating $10,000 towards Hurricane Sandy helping pay hospital or funeral costs, educating and inspiring or helping feed and clothe those in need, he follows his gut and promptly responds to any worthy cause that touches his heart.

His good deeds have not slid under the radar, either. Back in 2014, at the 25th Annual Talk of the Town Black Tie Gala given by the Associates for Breast and Prostrate Cancer Studios (ABCs), he was given the Humanitarian of the Year award. It was an honor he couldn't get over. "I was just a poor kid from Compton; Never thought in a million years I'd have even an extra dollars to give away let alone a million,” he humbly wrote on his Twitter account.

Here at XXL, we've rounded up 11 solid examples of The Game doing good deeds and making a difference. Some of them you may not even known about. Hate it or love it, looks like his heart is just as big as the one-time underdog's bars.