Wagner Noel

Kevin Costner is Crazy Chill
In our line of business we meet a fair share of celebrities, but THIS was fan girl overload for me. I don'y know if you realize this but THIS IS MR FREAKIN BROOKS! Mr. Brooks is easily one of my all time favorite movies. It was so insane standing next to Kevin Costner tying to remain profession…
Leo and Rebecca Talk To Mike Epps (Video)
Mike Epps will be here this Friday at the Wagner Noel. GET TICKETS HERE!
We asked you to post questions you want us to ask him and we did.
Check out the Interview below! And make sure to check him out Friday at the Wagner Noel.
Jack Hannah Is Coming To The Wagner This Weekend!
This Sunday is sure to be a great time for the family at the Wagner Noel. Jack Hannah is coming to the 4-3-2 and bringing his amazing animals! I don't know about you but I love watching him on talk shows when you never know what he's going to bring out!