Ever Seen A Sink Like This? (VIDEO)
So I walked into the restroom of a Dr's office the other day and like a child, was fascinated by the simplest of things....the sink. No, it does not take much with me. lol Seriously though when you watch my short video, you may find yourself saying, 'genius!'
Video Of Mom To Triplets Goes Viral [VIDEO]
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a set of twins? I have three children who were each a handful, I cannot imagine TRIPLETS like this woman from Ontario. The woman's name is Corrie-Lynn White and says when she told her husband they had conceived triplets naturally and their family …
Check Out this Crazy Christmas Decoration! (VIDEO)
This has to be the coolest and creepiest thing I've seen in a long time. lol It is a cute Santa Claus Christmas decoration that belongs to a coworker but she was nice enough to bring it so I could see the fabulosity for myself. Looks like your ordinary Santa but what until you see what Santa ca…
Woman Begs Bear To Leave Her Kayak Alone [VIDEO]
We talked about this this morning on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning. A woman discovered that a bear was about to destroy her kayak and she literally begs and pleads with the bear hoping she's going to coax him to stop. lol 'Bear, bear!' I've heard that when you see a bear if you want to scare it awa…

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