Valentine's Day

All Time Favorite Love Song
I got some inpiration from Mariah Carey, whom I follow on Instagram. Today she posted asking fans to comment their favorite 'love song' of hers. Mariah has some of the most AMAZING ballads! I will keep it simple however...
I Found The Perfect Thing For Valentine’s Day
We are less than a month away from lovers day! Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Time to start stressing about what to get that special someone in your life because Christmas wasn't enough. lol Well if the holidays broke the bank, I found something you simply cannot go wrong with…
What’d You Do for V-Day?
All my couples and even my single people, what'd you guys do on Valentines day? This is a pic of one of the things I did for my beloved. I thought I was being clever witht the chocolates. For those of you who didn't catch the proposal video, I'm getting married to Tawny the Rock Chick…
My Favorite Valentine Memory
It is Valentine's Day, so much to look forward to today! Is your better half going to send you flowers? Will you be treated to a nice dinner? Maybe a box of heart shaped chocolates? My 3 year old brought up something rather interesting when she asked if I would get Valentine's at work?
Leo’s Crazy Valentines Poems! Leo and Rebecca (Audio)
Hey, I'm just trying to help you out. LOL It's Valentine's Day and LOVE is everywhere. Or it should be.
I tried some of these POEMS on Rebecca and she wasn't feeling it.
C'mon they aren't that bad are they? LOL
Check out my Valentine's POEMS below...

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