Why I Am So Ready For Fall!
Reason number 1,001 why summer is my least favorite season of all! What the heck is this big, ugly, green stick looking insect? Maybe it is a 'walking stick.' Honestly, don't know, don't care. I do not want this thing anywhere near me. lol
Swimming Fun In The 4-3-2
As many parents, friends and family members are doing this summer, I hit up the pool yesterday with my kids. A little 'fun in the sun' never hurt nobody! If you have never been to the Andrews City Pool, you should definitely put it on your list of pools to check out this summer if you don&…
Odessa College Presents College For Kids
When you listen to Leo and Rebecca in the morning, we give you some of the best ideas on how to keep your kids busy for summer. Odessa College is doing something really neat. College for Kids will be taking place from June 27-30th and is available for kids entering 6th through 9th grade.
Ways You Used To Stay ‘Cool’ Growing Up
It's getting HOT! No just hot, but West Texas HOT! Any day now we are going to be hitting the 100 degree mark. Had me thinking...what were some clever ways you stayed cool growing up. Other than POOLS, I can remember the following...
1) The handy dandy water hose, man, so many ways we use to us…
Why Summer Is My Least Favorite Season
It's no secret summer is my LEAST favorite season! I hate summer and it's right around the corner. That seems harsh but it's true for me. See if you agree with my reasons:
What To Take To A Friend’s Cookout
Summertime is in full swing! It's all about the get-together's with friends and family, cooking out every weekend. I love doing things like that but the struggle is real when it comes to what to take. lol I completely stress out over small things like that.
Best Summer Events in the Permian Basin!
I recently did a blog asking what parents do in the summer to keep their children busy? You can only hear 'I'm bored' so many times before you think to yourself, I've got to find something to keep the kids busy! Maybe this will help....

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