Time To Take The Kids For A Swim
It's summertime and you know what that means? Pool time! My kids are already hitting up the pool and I know yours are doing the same. The City of Midland recently released photos of the newly renovated Washington Aquatic Center, 1601 E. Indiana Ave.
Check Out These Horrible Sunburns! Ouch (PHOTOS)
Have you ever had a really bad sunburn? If you have lived in West Texas for quite some time, the answer is yes! Maybe from a fun day at the pool, ever been to the Sandhills? That will get you a crazy sunburn if you are not careful, quick! Now that school is out and summer is here, bring on the sunbu…
Neighbors Use Our Pool Whenever They Want
Leo & Rebecca In The Morning...WHAT WOULD YOU DO? We got a new pool for the summer and we invited our neighbors over and MY WIFE threw out that they can 'USE THE POOL ANYTIME, NO PROBLEM.' She was being nice. WELL I have come home from work twice and they have been in the back usin…