Are These New Flavors Any Good?
Can someone try these and let me know if they're good? New Coke flavors. I've been seeing the commercials and wonder how they taste? I'm sure there are plenty of peeps who have tried them already so I'm curious and too cheap to grab some if they're not all that. lol
My New Mattress From Mattress Firm
For the past couple of weeks, you have probably heard Leo and I talk about our new Mattress Firm mattresses. I, personally cannot say enough good about this mattress and I guarantee I will never go back to what I had before! I'm a mattress snob now. lol
Two Movies I’m Looking Forward To Watching This Year [TRAILERS]
New Year, new movies! There are a couple of movies coming out this year that I know a lot of people are looking forward to watching, especially me! It's been a decade since we first learned of Nemo and Dory but finally, after much pleading from the public, the sequel to Finding Nemo, 'Find…