The Easter Candy Is Out
Move over Peeps and Cadbury Eggs because there's a new Easter candy in town! I was the convenience store the other day and spotted these Snickers eggs. Heck to the yeah! Love them already. Why? Because I get 2 that's why. lol What's better than 1 Snickers? Double baby!
And The Winning M&M Flavor Is…..
Lay's Potato Chips does it and apparently M&M's followed suit. In honor of their 75th anniversary this year, M&M's kicked off 2016 with something really cool. They enlisted the help of M&M's lovers all over the globe and called it the 'Flavor Vote.&ap…
Did You Know There Are Candy Corn M&M’s?
It's almost that time of year! Halloween candy is already on the shelves so when my son Trace and I saw these, we snatched them up. Candy Corn M&M's. His favorite candy is candy corn so we bought them and he loved them!