Check Out This Lotto Ticket!
I have to say I've never seen a lottery ticket this size in my life before this weekend!
I'm like a kid, I see something big and shiny and think 'ooooh I want one!' So $20 later I'm scratching away. What did I win you wonder?
Are You Playing The Powerball Tonight?
Ok so when you see it spelled out like this, it makes it that much more exciting! The Powerball has hit $700 million y'all and by the way, it is the 2nd largest amount in US history! I don't know why I don't play when it's $5 mil or even $50 mil but now that it's 'big m…
Odessa Man Wins $1 Million Prize With Texas Lottery
For the next 2 weeks, make sure to listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning for your chance to win Texas Lottery scratch offs!
We will be giving lucky callers $50 worth of scratch offs from the $200 Million Payout!
People really do win. Check out this Press Release from the Texas Lottery...
Would You Rather Win The Lotto Or Find Your Soulmate?
Leo and I talked about a 'stupid survey' this morning that I just had to get input on. According to this survey, 58% of people would rather win the lottery than find their soul mate. Count me in on that one! More than half of people feel like me I'm sure, once I hit the lotto, true lo…