Rebecca’s List Of Things To Do While It Rains
From the sounds of it, this rain is going nowhere anytime soon! The forecast calls for rain through Friday, which would be ok if I were indoors for the rest of the week, in a comfortable pair of sweatpants, covered up with a blankie, snacks and chillin' in front of the tv....but since that&apos…
30 Girls I’ve Been With but One Is A Lie
Here's the infamous list of 30 local girls I was with at one point in time. This will definitely make a lot of ladies mad for putting them on blast. Is your name on it? What about someone you know?
1. Tricia Hall
2. Ann Robinson
I Love School Supply Shopping-Said No One Ever!
'You're killin me smalls!' #thestruggle It is real when shopping for school supplies. I seriously attempted this yesterday. If you're like me, you know that every new school year will be an adventure when you get that school supply list. lol