Leo and Rebecca In The Morning

It’s National Hot Dog Day [Audio]
Today is National hot dog day!!! Bring on the dogs! So how do you like you hot dogs? Mustard, ketchup, chili? On the grill? Boiled? However you do, today is the day to grab a hot dog!
Listen hear to see how Leo and Rebecca like their dogs...
Houston We Got A Problem [Audio]
"Houston, We Got A Problem". How many times have you heard this in a movie. Apparently, it's been used a bunch in a lot of movies.    Someone put together a montage of all the times people have said "Houston, we have a problem," in different movies.…
Leo & Rebecca- FRIDAY; Do You Care About The Oscrs?
8:51am The Weekend Movie Watch With Dp....Non-Stop and Son of God
7:34am Oscar Odds..Because You Don't Care...
Best Picture:
"12 Years a Slave", 2-to-5
"American Hustle", 4-to-1
"Gravity", 5-to-1
Best Actor:
Matthew McConaughey for "Dallas Buyers Club", 1-to-…

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