Ladies-My Nail Tip Of The Day
Alright ladies, I'm all about trying to help out my fellow divas! I'm like most women who like to pamper themselves with a regular mani/pedi and am known for trying out different designs and color combo's so I was excited about my 'New Year's' nail design!
The Thirst is Real
Ladies, lets give these thirsty ass dudes on social media something to drink. As a guy, it's flat out insulting how pathetically desperate guys tend to be on social media. Luckily ladies, I know how to put a stop to it. Now, if you're constantly posting photos of yourself that are obviousl…
Ladies Do You Criticize Yourself Often? A New Study Says We Do
A new study revealed that the average woman criticizes herself 8 times a day! They say we are our own worst critics right? This study is actually surprising to me, not because of the criticizing part because I know I do that on a regular basis but because most of us do it 8 times a day!