Are You A Ketchup Or Mustard Person?
Do you not just have a craving every now and then for corn dogs? I get that way so I had to grab me some mini's. I was with bae and offered to share. He was down until he saw the ketchup. lol Apparently he's never tried corn dogs with ketchup! Wth? Then you haven't lived boo-boo!
Are You A Dip & Squeeze Or Peel & Dip?
I have a question, which type of person are you? I'm talking in terms of this ketchup. When I had lunch yesterday at Chick fil A I got this ketchup packet and opened up the dip & squeeze part. I never noticed before that I am a dip & squeeze girl. lol
Sriracha Ketchup? Yaaas!
Bruh, this is not a drill. Please put your seats in the fully upright positions and prepare for impact. This is a thing and it's glorious. If you're like me. You LOVE Sriracha Sauce (but that's not what I actually call it. Look at the pic on the bottle and you'll get it...
The Ketchup Debate
Grocery shopping is so much fun! Said no one ever......smh. I discovered the other day it's a little tougher when I don't have all 3 of my children with me. lol I have gotten so used to little hands grabbing what they want and throwing it in the basket (then me removing it on other aisles)…
Are You A Mustard Or Ketchup Person?
So I had a debate going on with my coworkers recently about which condiment they prefer with corn dogs. (we are so exciting we do debate these things) lol As you can see, I like both! I love ketchup and mustard and alternate between bites but I think the popular consensus among my crew was....
Ketchup ON Your Fries Or On The Side?
I recently realized something I had never noticed before about my boo. When sharing fries the other day as we drove thru a fast food joint, I now know that he likes ketchup ON his fries. Why does this matter? Because I do not. lol Which type of person are you?