Canadians Don’t Play
Do you have any idea what this is? 
I was recently in Jacksonville Florida for a few days for a conference. The conference was pretty cool but OMG the food was amazing. I met a few Canadian pals who not only shared my passion for consuming of alcoholic beverages but also, loved the foods that re…
Foods That Are Messy To Eat While Driving
Have you seen that 'freaking crumbs everywhere' meme? That describes this granola bar so well. lol This is usually my breakfast as I drive to work every morning and it is so true, when I get out of the car it is a complete mess!
Rosa’s For Breakfast?
So this is really a thing! A friend sent this to me not too long ago and I thought maybe it was a joke or it was for a different area but it is 100% true! I looooove Rosa's so I'm really curious to see what the breakfast is like. That Ultimate Breakfast Taco is sounding pretty damn good to…
Pumpkin Or Pecan Pie? Which is Your Favorite?
Turkey Week is here! Who is ready for family, football, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls and PIE?! Yep, one of the most important and one of my favorite things about the Thanksgiving meal. So the big question is pumpkin or pecan?
Mex-Tex Family Fiesta This Friday & Saturday
This weekend get ready to have some fun at the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta! For 29 years strong, hundreds of thousands have attended this 2 day event that kicks off Friday night with Texas country night. Doors open at 6 pm and Noel Olivas & the Benders, Flatland Cavalry and Mike Ryan will perform.
What’s Your Favorite Thing for Breakfast?
I had my favorite breakfast all figured out. At 32, you tend to have your habits before work. It kinda makes you feel good to go to the same store everyday and people know you by name. Lol it happens a lot now being on the radio but this place was my spot long before radio...

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