What up Dawg?
We had an unexpected pet come back into our lives. A few of you guys may remember Snoop from about a year and a half ago. I took him in because a friend moved out of town and could't keep him. I was supposed to be a temporary thing but I had him for over a year before I found a great home for h…
Meet Macaroni-She Is Available For Adoption
We had an adorable little chihuahua in this morning for our Pet of the Week. Meet Macaroni, a chihuahua mix who could use a forever home. When Macaroni was in the studio this morning, she was very chill, not your typical chihuahua.
Family Dog Takes Baby Boy For A Ride [VIDEO]
If you've got a case of the Monday blues, have a got a cure for you! There is just too much cute in this story for your spirits not to be lifted if you are having a blah kind of day....a little 14 month old boy named Oliver and his dog Daisy do everything…
Friend Took Dog To Vet; Who Owes The Bill?
Leo and Rebecca PEEPS COURT!!!! You be the judge! 
I was watching my friend's dog while they were on vacation. Well the dog got sick and I called them to tell them. The dog was throwing up bad and I asked if they wanted me to take the dog to the vet...

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