Time is Running out! Get Some Girl Scout Cookies This Weekend
If you have not bought your Girl Scout cookies yet this season, time is running out! This weekend will be the last big push for all of your favorite, yummy cookies like those caramel delites, shortbread, peanut butter patties, the new smore's flavor and your fave's as well! We had some ado…
Are You A Dipper?
I don't need it but whatevs, that's the story of my life. lol I could not resist going down the cookie aisle and grabbing a bag of Oreos. It happens right? So as I sit down the other day with Oreos in hand and a glass of milk, my kids hear the package open and come running!
Is Bacon Really Good With Everything?
Is it true that bacon is good on everything? While I was shopping for goodies to bake for my 8 year old's school Christmas party, I came across these. Maple Bacon cookies. As Jimmy Fallon would say, 'ewwwww.'
Best Cookie To Dunk In Milk Is?
Me and my son had a debate this past weekend. Which cookie is the best for dunking in milk? Yes, it's the big debate.  We are talking about which one taste the best.
I say it's Chip A'Hoy Chocolate Chip and he says Oreo! Both great cookies...