cold weather

What Is Your Favorite Comfort Food?
Today it's all about comfort food! Am I right? The weather gets cold and we love to warm up with soups of any kind. In fact, that sounds fabulous right now! Why is it that we hibernate and turn to food? lol
Do You Love This Weather Or Are You Ready For It To Be Hot Outside?
90 degrees on Saturday, 39 today. This crazy West Texas weather that we know and love and probably the whole reason I'm sick right now. But you know what? I still love it! I have a couple of co workers who give me a hard time when there is rain, snow or sleet because they come straight to me an…
What Do You Prefer Doing When It’s Cold Outside?
Are you a Netflix and chill person in this kind of weather? As of right now, there are some flurries falling in the 4-3-2 with a 20% chance of more this afternoon/evening. There are those who stay home, warm and cozy with family, catch up on recorded shows, drink some hot chocolate with the fireplac…
Cold Weather Necessities-Do You Have Them?
When it got cold last week, the whole 'ice-pocalypse' that we went through here in the     4-3-2 I realized a few things. This girl is not at all prepared for cold weather. lol It is winter after all and while most people have it together, I do not! Check out a couple of typical …
Hot Chocolate-With Or Without Marshmallows?
The cold front has hit! Temps have dropped outside, the heater goes up a notch inside! And the warm weather food and drink start flowing, including my favorite drink on a cold day, hot chocolate.