Zombie Attack Coming To Cinergy!
The zombie attack is coming to Cinergy Entertainment! Get ready because 'escape rooms' are coming to Cinergy Odessa today (and Cinergy Midland in 2018). It's a mini-escape room challenge
Cinergy Is Where You Should Be Having Birthday Parties!
Have you had the opportunity to have a party at Cinergy yet? If not, OMG what are you waiting for? We had a birthday party for my 11 year old son the other night and I cannot say enough good about how awesome, fun, smooth, easy it was! I'm a single mother of 3, ain't nobody got time t…
Want A Chance To Bowl With Leo & Rebecca At Cinergy?
Let me tell you right now that my bowling skills are horrible! I have none basically but that doesn't matter because bowling is F-U-N FUN! How about bowling with Leo & Rebecca at Cinergy Odessa? That would be a ton of fun and as a matter of fact you have that opportunity!
Props To Cinergy For Handling A Situation That Arose For Me Recently
I have to give major props to Cinergy, Odessa for taking control of a little 'situation' that arose when I watched a movie at their theater recently. I had an extremely rude man in my seats who refused to move, so when I went to management they handled it all very professionally. You can t…