Elmer’s Glue Brings Back Silly Childhood Memories
When you see something that brings back memories from your Who remembers spreading Elmer's Glue all over your hands then peeling it off? I have no clue why but we all did this when we were young, am I right?
Which Board Games Remind You Of Your Childhood?
I know Christmas is long gone but I just had to share one of the best gifts I received this year! Why? Because it reminds me of my childhood. I am and have always been a board game person and growing up, Connect Four was one of my favorites.
You Know You’re A True Mexican When….
You know you are a true Mexican can take some 'fideo's' and straight up turn it into one of the best meals you've ever had! lol The Vermicelli brings back great memories of my childhood and I still buy boxes of them for my family because
Favorite Games From Your Childhood
One of my favorite childhood games. I had a Simon game that my mom bought me at a garage sale. Loved that thing! Unfortunately most of our children will never get to know the fun of playing games like this anymore.
My Childhood Home. Can You Guess Where It Is?
I thought this might be a fun game for our listeners. I took a screen shot of the house I grew up in as a child. I will give you guys a few hints to help out. There are also some land marks and businesses in the pic that will help you figure out as well...
What Toys Were You Not Allowed To Play With As A Kid?
A couple of coworkers and I were having a candid discussion this morning about toys we were not allowed to play with when we were little. We all had different answers for different reasons. lol I was not allowed to play with Play-Doh when I was little, for the obvious, 'it's too messy!&apo…
Things That Remind You Of Your School Days [VIDEO]
I love when I see things like this that remind me of childhood. I always tell my boys, I'm  sad that you will never know what it's like to have this in school or that in school. In this case, I must show them this video and show them what an 'old school' pencil sharpener loo…
Who Remembers Making Sun Tea?
When I stepped outside of the radio station today, I discovered someone was making some 'Sun Tea.' Shut up, I haven't seen anyone do this since I was a little girl! My mom always had me take the Sun Tea jar outside so that the tea would be ready by the time my dad got home from work, …
Which Smell Reminds You Of Momma’s House?
I had a family member text me this morning letting me know they were listening to Leo and I when we talked about our 'favorite smells' or smells that remind of us of HOME, when we were young and still lived with our parents.

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