What up Dawg?
We had an unexpected pet come back into our lives. A few of you guys may remember Snoop from about a year and a half ago. I took him in because a friend moved out of town and could't keep him. I was supposed to be a temporary thing but I had him for over a year before I found a great home for h…
You Know You Grew Up In A Mexican Household When….
You know you grew up in a mexican household when....this is part of your decor. The ceramic gato. lol This was a cute little decoration in my momma's house as well as in the home of several of my mexican friend's. I saw this at a little thrift shop and it brought back such great memories. …
It’s National Cat Day!
Cats rule and dogs drool! Actually I like both but in honor of national cat day I'm inclined to give our feline friends mad props.
It seems very fitting that this time of year would be dedicated to our agile balls of claws and crazy. Halloween is definitely a cat time of year for obvious reasons…
Solution For Loud Cats
So we have a dilemma at our house. Apparently some cats have decided our backyard is their new 'meeting place.'