My Favorite Valentine Memory
It is Valentine's Day, so much to look forward to today! Is your better half going to send you flowers? Will you be treated to a nice dinner? Maybe a box of heart shaped chocolates? My 3 year old brought up something rather interesting when she asked if I would get Valentine's at work?
When Is The Last Time You Played Bingo?
Who plays B-I-N-G-O at work? We do! lol For real, we played the other day and I had forgotten just how much fun it is, especially when you win and trust, I did. Our super cool boss decide to have a bit of a fun day, treating us all to lunch followed by some bingo playing.
Look What I Found When I Cleaned Out My Wallet
While cleaning out my wallet the other night, check out what I discovered. I have at least 4 different cards all of which have some form of credit on them. I am the world's worst at things like this! Apparently, I exchanged or returned an item at each of these places, got 'store credit&apo…