We Found More Boba!
My day has been made! Leo and I found a place that has boba, finally! There were a couple of places in the 4-3-2 years ago that had boba smoothies but they have since closed. So the only boba fix I could get was when I went out-of-town.
Do You Boba? If So, Where?
I miss my boba! It's no secret that I am a huge fan of 'bubble tea' and to my knowledge we no longer have a place in town that offers it, so while I was out of town this past weekend I found a place and was in little tapioca ball heaven! Obviously this weird looking little black bubbl…
Boba is back!
Boba is back! What is "boba?" Another name for it is bubble tea and the best way to describe it is tapioca pearls, or tapioca balls that are usually black in color and about marble-sized. They are sweet and chewy and you can drink them in teas, smoothies, slushes or even coffee. They must …