White Queso or Regular?
I am telling you right now, in my opinion, the queso at any mexican food restaurant can make or break that establishment for me. I hit up some lunch the other day at Delicia's and ordered queso. Yes please, I quickly discovered I could drink this stuff...why? Because it 's the white cheese…
What Is This Mangonada I’ve Heard About?
I really have to try something that I hear so many people talk about. So many of my friends are huge friends of the mangonada! I have never tried one. What is it? Mango is about the only thing I know for sure and I love me some mango!
Who Has The Best Sweet Tea In The Area?
I had a friendly disagreement with a friend the other day over who has the best sweet tea in the area? Come on, we live in Texas and we love our sweet tea, that's a given but when it comes to my tea, if I have to add a packet of Sweet N' Low then it is definitely NOT sweet enough!
Who Has The Best Milkshakes In The 4-3-2? Here Is My Pick
As I sit and eat my lunch and thoroughly enjoy my milkshake, I have come to the realization that Texas Burger has the best milkshakes in the 4-3-2! The one I'm having today is a rocky road milkshake which Chris Brizzown was shocked to hear. He was not aware that they can make a milkshake out of…
The Best Ice In This Area?
Here we go again with a debate. It seems that all we do is disagree in our workplace! lol But it is really just about the most trivial stuff. Today, we had a discussion about ICE. As in who has the best in town? We have 1 coworker who takes all the change from the 'ice fund' and buys bags …