My Work > Yours
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, I don't reach my 140 word blog minimum requirement for the day unless I keep chattering on about said picture so here we go.
Margaritas...they gave me work...and such.....
I Totes Look Like The Old Man From Up
The other day I proudly announced that I have my first grey hair. Today I noticed that I kinda look like a young version of the old man from the movie Up.
1. I LOVE that movie
2. I can't wait to get old as all hell
Think about all the cool stuff you get to do when you're old...
I Saw Capt. America Today. . .No Biggie
This one is for all my comic book nerds. I saw The Capt today. No big deal. I'ts only like the coolest thing ever. He was just cruising around like a boss on his motor bike.
With that said, I can't stress enough to all my friends who ride that safety is so important...