What's going on?

Suicide Awareness Event This Saturday
This Saturday an awesome awareness event will be taking place. The God's Will Suicide Awareness Event will be taking place at the Dollar General at 241 North Knox Ave. in Odessa beginning at noon until 6 p.m. There will be food and drinks for sale, auction items and much more!
The Rainbow Room Collecting School Supplies
The Rainbow Room in conjunction with First Basin Credit Unions across the Permian Basin are collecting school supplies for Foster Children in the area.  The Rainbow Room is 'an emergency resource room located in the CPS offices that provides necessities for children and families who have b…
Star Spangled Salute
The 2018 Star Spangled Salute in Midland will be here before you know it! Who's ready for some fireworks? The fourth festivities are going down on Wednesday, July 4th at Hogan Park 1201 E. Wadley Avenue.
4th of July Celebrations In Odessa
A heads up to those planning your 4th of July festivities, Odessa will be having their 23rd Annual Firecracker Fandango this Saturday June 30th. Admission is free and if you and your family are looking for something to do, this is it!
Have A Remedy To Get Rid Of This?
Is it just me or do mosquitos eat you up too this time of year? I'm not that girl that you will see outdoors watering her yard, playing with the kids or relaxing on the porch in the evenings at home. NOPE, not me. Why? Mosquitos.
What Are Things We Dread In The Summer?
Summertime is officially here and the triple digit temps are the norm. We do what we can to stay cool but sometimes these things come with a price. The struggle is real in the summer and also some of these things can be frustrating. Check out what I'm talking about...
Who Remembers Willy Water Bug?
In case you missed it on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning this morning we talked about the ways our parents entertained us during the summer. We didn't have half of the things our kids do these days and definitely not as fancy or expensive! This little gem popped in my head and thanks to an aweso…
How well do you know Rebecca?
Let's have some fun with today's blog! Being on the radio, our listeners get to know a little bit about us, based on what we choose to divulge on air. But, do you REALLY know us? Here are a few fun things we have been asked over the years that I thought I would share and answer:
Midland Vet Center Makes A Stop In Midland Today
The Mobile Vet unit is making the rounds across the state and today it makes a stop in Midland. The Midland Vet Center is free and and is designed to get veterans some counseling. The unit will be at the Midland County Annex today until 6:30 p.m.
FINAL $3 Domino’s Pizza Event Today
Today is the FINAL $3 Domino's pizza event! Your last chance to get your hot, little hands on some yummy Domino's pizza is today from 5-7 at 2 locations. In Midland, downtown Midland on Big Spring St. and in Odessa, West Odessa on Linda Ave.
Know Of Anyone Hiring Teens For The Summer?
Who has bored teens at home? The struggle. Do they need a little summer j-o-b? I remember I was the babysitting queen during my teenage years because my dad was not trying to let me sit at home and do nothing all summer long. lol
Who Still Makes These?
I loved hanging out with our friends at Vintage Deluxe the other day! Especially because I got to check out some cool old school stuff. Check out this cake pan from back in the day...
Did Something I've Never Done Over The Weekend
I cannot believe I did something I never thought I would do over the weekend! I actually went and watched a Star Wars movie! Leo has been a diehard fan from day 1 and has watched every single movie 18 times but I have never watched one movie, EVER. But I decided to give Solo a try, partly because Le…
Anyone Know Why This Is Hard To Find?
Ok am I missing something here? You know how sometimes you walk into a department store and see this aisle? The one with all the cute cell phone cases? Well the last couple of times I've actually walked through the aisle because I'm in need of a new case.....only to discover there are no c…
Stayin' Cool This Summer!
It's time to get your gulp on with 7-Eleven! 100 days of summer has begun, which means its time to visit participating 7-Eleven ALON locations and purchase your Gulp Fest Mug.
Odessa College Summer Camp Schedule And Registration
Are you tired of hearing 'I'm bored and there's nothing to do' yet? Or do your kids stay indoors and play Fortnite all day and you're ready for them to get some fresh air? Well registration is underway for Odessa College Summer Camps! There's basketball and Camp Runamuc…
Playoff Football Hits The 4-3-2 This Weekend!
This Saturday it's all about playoff football in the 4-3-2! The West Texas Pride football team is in the playoffs and YOU are invited to join them in the Pride's Den (Grande Com Stadium in Midland). Saturday June 2nd, your West Texas Pride will be hosting a playoff game at 7 p.m. doors ope…
You Feel Me With Your Morning Alarm?
Ok I legit laughed at myself lastnight as I was setting my alarm before bed. Is this you? I literally was trying to get every last minute of sleep that I could this morning. Who sets their alarm for 4:39? THIS GIRL! It was 9 whole minutes more than I normally wake up. lol
West Texas Food Bank Launches Summer Meal Program
West Texas Food Bank has begun its Summer Food Service Program. This program is designed to ensure that children who come from low income homes can receive a nutritious meal even in these summer months while school is out.