What's going on?

Ever Tried These?
Things you notice when you're grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Who knew there were Doritos in the frozen food section? I'm assuming they are very much like cheese sticks?
i cannot wait for this place!
Ok what rock have I been under? I cannot believe I knew nothing about this! Odessa is getting an Altitude Trampoline Park? I cannot. My kids will freak! Until now, we have always had to go to big cities for a trampoline park.
who has tried these?
Can someone try these and let me know if they're good? New Coke flavors. I've been seeing the commercials and wonder how they taste? I'm sure there are plenty of peeps who have tried them already so I'm curious and too cheap to grab some if they're not all that. lol
Do You Remember The First CD You Owned?
So Best Buy announced they will no longer be selling CD's. It makes perfect sense but it's the end of an era and that makes me a little sad. CD's will probably be completely obsolete before too long. It made me think back to the days when I had a ton of CD's and put them all in m…
This Is What Shelves Look Like Right Now
If you are lucky enough to have escaped any type of illness up to this point, let me say lucky you! I stopped by the store real quick the other day to load up Lysol and Lysol wipes while my son was sick and this is what I discovered.
The Boba Is Back!
My day has been made! Leo and I found a place that has boba, finally! There were a couple of places in the 4-3-2 years ago that had boba smoothies but they have since closed. So the only boba fix I could get was when I went out-of-town.
My Coworker Came To My Rescue
Whew! Thank goodness for coworkers who are prepared! I was starting to feel a tickle in my throat and the mocos flowing so I went around the building looking for something, anything to take care of it. My coworker said bam! I got you!
Blast From The Past Product
As I was walking down the shampoo aisle at the store the other day I came across this! I had no clue Prell shampoo still existed? I'm pretty sure someone in my family used it back in the 80's and honestly hadn't even given it a second thought until I saw it on the shelves!
Help Us Ladies Out Guys
OMG we are officially 9 days away from Valentine's Day! Fellas, in case you haven't given it a second thought, you might want to start. I think guys have it easy when it comes to buying the 'perfect gift' for their significant other. Flowers, card, candy, dinner, jewelry, any or …
the flu has hit our household and the symptoms were not typical
This flu epidemic is no joke peeps! Unfortunately, as you can in the picture, my kiddo took a flu test at the Dr. and boom, the flu has now hit our home. I kept saying it wasn't going to but it did and the thing is, the 'typical symptoms' were not even there...
Elmer’s Glue Brings Back Silly Childhood Memories
When you see something that brings back memories from your childhood...wow. Who remembers spreading Elmer's Glue all over your hands then peeling it off? I have no clue why but we all did this when we were young, am I right?
Gatti's Midland Supporting The Cause Today!
It's time to grub for a cause! This afternoon, head over to Gatti's in Midland between 4:00-8:00 p.m. and support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Midland. Gatti's will be giving back 15% of buffet purchases during the event. Plus you do not want to miss out on the fun stuff too...
Rant:Movie Theater Seating
Ok what gives? I swear every single damn time I go to the movies one thing in particular happens. You know the convenience of getting to pick your seats now, the VERY reason we love going to Cinergy because no matter how early or late you get there, your seat is already designated. Love it! So simpl…
Which Little Debbie Snack Cake Are You?
Can I say these are my ALL TIME FAVORITE EVER?! When it comes to Little Debbie, Little Rebecca cannot say no to the Fudge Rounds! lol My son apparently bought some the other day and I found them in the pantry. Yes, I ate one!
is there temptation like this in your workplace?
Who needs resolutions when you have temptations like this? lol I walked into the break room and boom these are staring me in the face! I don't know if one of my coworkers emptied out their pantry or someone was just being sweet and brought sweets?
Any Idea What This Is Going To Be?
Anyone know who our new neighbors are going to be? Something is being built on the other side of 191 near the B93 studios. (in front of the Wagner Noel) I have asked several people and no one knows what it is?
anyone know what these are?
Things you don't see often in our neck of the woods....these crazy looking fruits that I spotted in Miami recently. Why is there a 'hairy, red fruit' on that table? To the left of the hairy monster is a cicada looking fruit and on the right are something that resemble peanuts but I hi…
I Love That They Have This In Some Airports!
It seems like everyday we hear a new story about a mother being kicked out of this establishment or restaurant or being ridiculed in public for breastfeeding her baby. Well recently while on vacation, I noticed this at the airport and it made me happy! As a mother of 3, I think it's safe to say…
Ladies-Have you used a razor this winter?
Ladies, time to 'fess up! A friend of mine told me today that her man called her and said, 'honey your leg hair is longer than mine, time to shave!' I lost it! lol Don't let this be you chica's. But for real though, our mine need to be more understanding...there is really no…
Happy National Pie Day-Check Out Which Flavor I Got
It's National Pie Day as Leo and Rebecca mentioned this morning on the air and my coworker was kind enough to bring us a mini-pie! This happens to be one of my faves,  chocolate meringue. OMG! I cannot even begin to try to figure out how to make one but this one is so cute and perfect!