What's going on?

Cold Weather: Love It Or Hate It?
I'm sure you've seen the memes about the temps dropping from one extreme to the other all over social media. lol They are totally accurate but what do you expect from West Texas weather? The question is....do you love it? Were you OVER summer like me, ready to move on to colder weather?
4th Annual Family Fall Festival This Thursday
Make plans to take the family out to the 4th Annual Fall Festival this Thursday the 18th to Madison Medical Resort. The festivities will take place from 4 to 8 p.m. at 5001 Office Park Drive in Odessa.
7th Annual Art Exhibition Tonight!
If you do not have plans this evening, make plans to attend the 7th Annual Art Exhibition Gala and Sale. The Odessa Hispanic Art Association will feature local artists at Dee's Bistro and Grill at 620 N. Lee Ave in Odessa.
Did You Know? Two Ways To Register For Kevin Hart
Did you know there are TWO ways to win to see Kevin Hart live in Dallas at American Airlines Center on October 27th? You can do so by listening to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning AND....
Don’t Miss The American Music Awards On TV Tonight!
The 2018 American Music Awards will be live from the Microsoft Theater in LA tonight! You can watch beginning at 7 p.m. on ABC here locally. Several amazing artists are scheduled to perform, including Cardi B for the first time since giving birth, Taylor Swift is set to open the show, J-Lo, Mariah C…
Did You Watch Venom Or A Star Is Born This Weekend?
Venom, starring Tom Hardy took the box office over the weekend making over 80 million. Coming in second was Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star is Born remake with just over 40 million. We knew these 2 movies would do well. So Leo watched Venom and I watched the other. What did we think?
Dr. Pepper What? Check This Out!
Dollar store finds, am I right? I love finding cool stuff there that you may or may not find on shelves anywhere else. Like this gem. Where are my DP lovers? I could not bring myself to buy it because no doubt, it's sugar on sugar on sugar...
Which Fall TV Shows Are You Watching?
Fall television is well underway and there are so many new shows on right now. This coach potato is giving a couple of new ones a shot. I watched the premiere of Manifest (NBC) last Monday and I am hooked! Seriously, I usually just need a couple of minutes into the show to know if I'm going to …
Has This Ever Happened To You?
Earlier this week, rapper Lil Xan claimed that he was hospitalized due to 'eating too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos.' Wait, what? I myself do not eat them because I'm not really a fan of spicy anything but I know so many people who can sit and eat a whole bag!
Authentic Illusionist Jay Owenhouse This Saturday At The Wagner Noel
'Authentic Illusionist' Jay Owenhouse will be performing at the Wagner Noel this Saturday night and his show sounds like one you do not want to miss! Jay operates the second largest touring show in the U.S. and brings his family on the road with him, 2 daughters and 2 sons and also his 2 B…
Are You For Or Against A Maroon 5 Halftime Show?
We learned earlier this week that Maroon 5 more than likely will be doing the Superbowl Halftime Show next year. When I heard this, I was thrilled! Yes, bring on Adam Levine! However, not everyone feels the same. Some say it will be a rather 'boring' show, while others say they must be pla…
Coffee With A Cop Event This Friday
Midland Police Department will be hosting Coffee with a Cop tomorrow morning. If you are interested in having some coffee and meeting some officers, now is your chance. The event will be held Friday morning, September 20th at Brew Street Bakery at 410 N. Garfield, Midland.
Are You Team Nicki Or Cardi?
It all began at NYFW recently when Cardi B claimed that Nicki Minaj was running her mouth about Cardi's parenting abilities and spoke badly about baby Kulture. There was a scuffle and the drama has continued. Now sources are saying that Cardi has been in the studio non-stop working on a diss tr…
Workplace Restroom Struggle
Wow, really? A note to the ladies that I work with. Quit being lazy! Omg I do believe I am the only person that refills toilet paper and paper towels in this mug! How fun is it when you go to the ladies room, just assuming there will be a roll and are faced with this when it's all said and done…
Look What I Found!
Remember yesterday when I said I am the 'pumpkin anything girl?' I wasn't kidding. One of my very favorite desserts at Thanksgiving is the pumpkin roll, except that it's too hard to make so I don't bother. I have one tia that makes them every year and she shares but she only…
To Pumpkin Spice Or Not?
We are officially 5 days away from the first day of fall, my favorite season! I am totally pumpkin spice everything and am so ready for the change of seasons it's not even funny. But I know many who are NOT.
Annual Drive For EMS Lifeline Going On Now With The City Of Odessa
The Annual Drive for EMS Lifeline is currently going on right now. This is an excellent opportunity for you to become a member through the City of Odessa. Once you enroll, you, your spouse and and anyone listed as a dependent on your income tax return is covered. Emergency ambulance alert can be exp…