What's going on?

The New Medical Spa Of Midland Open House
Join B93 tomorrow for The New Medical Spa of Midland's Happy Spa'lidays Open House event! This fabulous event only happens once a year and you are invited for a full day of product demonstrations, incredible giveaways every half hour and the best part of all, it is an all day affair. The o…
Would You Be Upset If Your Kids School Banned This?
If there is one thing I know about elementary aged children, after having 3 children myself, it's that they loooooove having mom and dad eat lunch with them from time to time at school. I've done it with all 3. Some parents do it several times during the school year and some parents only go on speci…
Christmas Festivities 411
Who's ready to get into the Christmas spirit? There are some festivities going on around the Permian Basin tonight and throughout the weekend. Here's a list of things to enjoy with your family:
Does Anyone Have A Tree Like This?
I see these trees in magazines, in stores just like this one but I have never seen one at someone's house. The upside-down Christmas tree obviously is a thing and it looks even more beautiful when decorated but does anyone have one?
Get Your $3 Domino's Pizzas Today
Today, one day only, get ready for some $3 pizza! Who wants some Domino's? From 4-6 this afternoon at just TWO locations, you can buy up all the medium cheese and pepperoni pizza's that you would like. Dinner is served, and it's from Domino's Pizza.
Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?
I remember some time ago when everyone would hit up Black Friday like their life depended on it but after asking several people that I KNOW used to Black Friday shop if they were going to this year and hearing no, I'm thinking is it still a big 'thing?' Maybe today, Cyber Monday has t…
For Those In Need This Holiday Season
If you would like to share this information with someone who you think may need it, please do. This Thanksgiving week there are a couple of places offering a free Thanksiving meal:
Who Remembers This Candy From Your Childhood?
Candy that reminds you of your abuelita or favorite tia. Am I lying? Anytime I see this candy, it reminds me of my childhood when I would go to my wela's house and she would have a candy dish full of these and tell me to grab as much as I wanted.
Dollar Store Finds-Check This Out
Time for another edition of 'fun dollar store finds!' lol I do this from time to time when I'm browsing around dollar stores and find stuff that makes me think WHAT, this exists? I love me a dollar store that's for sure.
Here's What You Can Get Me
I discovered the older I get, the easier it is to buy Christmas gifts for me. Gifts period really. I'm more practical in my 'old age.' lol I was out and about the other day and came across this....BACON IS LIFE! Even moreso, bacon made right is life. So THIS would be perfect for me if…
Who Would You Buy This For?
So this is a now thing for the Oreo cookie lover in your life. A cookie dunking kit might be the perfect gift for anyone who doesn't want to get cookies and milk on their fingers. Smh. I talked about this on the air this week and now I've learned you can get it at Wal Mart for less than 20…
Fast Food Drive-Thru Struggle
I have a question? How long is too long to wait in a fast food drive-thru before taking off if they take forever to take your order? This is always a discussion between family and myself. I'm not a very patient person on too many things but with something like this, I will wait....
Yes Please! Can We Get A Torchy's?
OMG when I saw this story, I immediately thought, 'yesssss make it happen!' Torchy's Tacos is one of my fave places ever. I'm down for a Crossroads and some street corn any day.
Yesterday Was One Of Those Days For Me-Check This Out….
When is the last time you had 'one of those days?' For me, it was yesterday. I ran into a table and gave myself a nice big knot and bruise on my left thigh. Then I was working on a school project with my little one, and burned (the same leg) with glue from a hot glue gun.