What's going on?

Midland Vet Center Makes A Stop In Midland Today
The Mobile Vet unit is making the rounds across the state and today it makes a stop in Midland. The Midland Vet Center is free and and is designed to get veterans some counseling. The unit will be at the Midland County Annex today until 6:30 p.m.
FINAL $3 Domino’s Pizza Event Today
Today is the FINAL $3 Domino's pizza event! Your last chance to get your hot, little hands on some yummy Domino's pizza is today from 5-7 at 2 locations. In Midland, downtown Midland on Big Spring St. and in Odessa, West Odessa on Linda Ave.
Carmen Tries To Help Guy Recover His Password - Leo and Rebecca A
Don't you hate when you can't remember your password to your phone or email. Today Carmen actually makes it a lot worse for a guy. I think he has the right password but you wouldn't know it with Carmen helping this poor guy out.
Check out Carmen make things worse below with Leo and Reb…
Know Of Anyone Hiring Teens For The Summer?
Who has bored teens at home? The struggle. Do they need a little summer j-o-b? I remember I was the babysitting queen during my teenage years because my dad was not trying to let me sit at home and do nothing all summer long. lol
Who Still Makes These?
I loved hanging out with our friends at Vintage Deluxe the other day! Especially because I got to check out some cool old school stuff. Check out this cake pan from back in the day...
Did Something I've Never Done Over The Weekend
I cannot believe I did something I never thought I would do over the weekend! I actually went and watched a Star Wars movie! Leo has been a diehard fan from day 1 and has watched every single movie 18 times but I have never watched one movie, EVER. But I decided to give Solo a try, partly because Le…
Anyone Know Why This Is Hard To Find?
Ok am I missing something here? You know how sometimes you walk into a department store and see this aisle? The one with all the cute cell phone cases? Well the last couple of times I've actually walked through the aisle because I'm in need of a new case.....only to discover there are no c…
The Best Pizza Deal In America Happens TODAY in The 432 With $3 P
Yes!!! This is a big reason to love summers in the 432. It's the return of the $3 Pizzas from Dominos!
Join us today at 2 locations only!
In MIDLAND on Illinois and Midkiff
In ODESSA on 42nd and Dixie.
Cash only from 5 to 7pm! Plus make sure to donate to the Honor Flight and spin the wheel of goodi…
Stayin' Cool This Summer!
It's time to get your gulp on with 7-Eleven! 100 days of summer has begun, which means its time to visit participating 7-Eleven ALON locations and purchase your Gulp Fest Mug.