It's almost time for season 16 of one of mine and Leo's favorite shows, Big Brother! This is one show that we both follow faithfully and today the cast was announced. The big question was, is it going to be a new cast, an all star season or even a mixture of old and new houseguests? Actually meet the cast of the new season here

They are all new! I'm already liking the beefcake from San Antonio, Devin, he will more than likely be my eye candy for the season. Finally, a latina, Brittany Martinez from Cali, who in my opinion looks like a latina Britney Spears. Cody looks like he will be the 'competitive, athletic dude' that can win competitions and I could go on but you be the judge and see if you figure them all out.

An FYI before the season kicks off with a 2 night premiere next Wednesday and Thursday....notice that Frankie Grande has a familiar lastname? That's because he is the half-brother of Ms.Ariana Grande! Hope it doesn't hurt him in the house. Get ready for an exciting new season of Big Brother, which boasts several firsts for these houseguests. The show will be in HD this year, there will be 2 HOH's all season long, the house got a retro, treehouse makeover and America has a chance to influence the game in a new twist called Team America. Can't wait!