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I Cannot Believe We Are Getting One Of These!
Ok what rock have I been under? I cannot believe I knew nothing about this! Odessa is getting an Altitude Trampoline Park? I cannot. My kids will freak! Until now, we have always had to go to big cities for a trampoline park.
Are These New Flavors Any Good?
Can someone try these and let me know if they're good? New Coke flavors. I've been seeing the commercials and wonder how they taste? I'm sure there are plenty of peeps who have tried them already so I'm curious and too cheap to grab some if they're not all that. lol
What Was The Very First CD You Owned?
So Best Buy announced they will no longer be selling CD's. It makes perfect sense but it's the end of an era and that makes me a little sad. CD's will probably be completely obsolete before too long. It made me think back to the days when I had a ton of CD's and put them all in m…
This Is What Shelves Look Like Right Now
If you are lucky enough to have escaped any type of illness up to this point, let me say lucky you! I stopped by the store real quick the other day to load up Lysol and Lysol wipes while my son was sick and this is what I discovered.

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