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Rant:This Ever Happen To You At The Movie Theater?
Ok what gives? I swear every single damn time I go to the movies one thing in particular happens. You know the convenience of getting to pick your seats now, the VERY reason we love going to Cinergy because no matter how early or late you get there, your seat is already designated. Love it! So simpl…
Which Little Debbie Snack Cake Are You?
Can I say these are my ALL TIME FAVORITE EVER?! When it comes to Little Debbie, Little Rebecca cannot say no to the Fudge Rounds! lol My son apparently bought some the other day and I found them in the pantry. Yes, I ate one!
Why Me?
Who needs resolutions when you have temptations like this? lol I walked into the break room and boom these are staring me in the face! I don't know if one of my coworkers emptied out their pantry or someone was just being sweet and brought sweets?
Any Idea What This Is Going To Be?
Anyone know who our new neighbors are going to be? Something is being built on the other side of 191 near the B93 studios. (in front of the Wagner Noel) I have asked several people and no one knows what it is?

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