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What Is One Thing You Have Never Made Or Eaten?
I have to say, I grew up in a household with sopas, tortillas and frijoles. No complaints here! But when I was at a family member's house the other night and they had sloppy joe's for dinner, I was in heaven! I got to thinking, I never had these growing up, they are sooooo good!
I Need These In My Life!
Ok I must have these in my life. For real though. Have you seen these? Who? What? When? Where? I must get my hands on these pickle candy canes! Are they in stores already or can you only find them on the internet as this video suggests?
Ever Thought About Getting A Boob Job?
Some of the most common questions asked before having breast augmentation surgery are....should I get silicone or saline? High profile or ultra high profile? Over or under the muscle? If you've ever considered getting a 'boob job' (it's been a year since I had mine done-I am still beyond happy with …
How-To Get Rid Of Gnats
Ok has anyone else been dealing with those annoying little gnats or fruit flies? Whatever you call them, it seems like this year more than ever we have been dealing with these little flying bugs all up in our faces. At home, at work, in restaurants, if you haven't been dealing with these little…

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