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Any Remedies You Can Suggest To Get Rid Of My Cough?
You may have noticed this morning that I have an annoying cough right now. Like most people I'm sure. I say it's annoying because there is literally nothing else wrong but that. lol So, Leo was nice enough to make me some tea. Tea, lemon, honey and a tad bit of sugar, just like momma used …
It was a weekend of firsts for me in the Metroplex. First donuts, then corn. Apparently I ate...ALOT! lol My dear Mr. Iglesias introduced me to an amazing little corn stand. Corn all day baby! Look how yummy this cup looks! The ingredients?
I Finally Tried This And Loved It!
Yes I have been hiding under a rock because until this past weekend, I had NEVER tried Dunkin' Donuts. Since we don't have one in Midland/ Odessa, I didn't feel I was missing out. Boy was I wrong! Check out these donut holes. Are you kidding me? They're called 'munchkins,&ap…
Mother’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank
Mother's Day is 9 day's away...have you thought about what to get mom yet? If you are strapped for cash, probably not. But it's all good, I can help you out because we've all been there. Here are a few ideas for gifts for mom, that cost little or no money:

make mom a homemade dinner-start going throu…

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