With summer upon us and no school for the kiddos, I’m sure they’ll be online gaming much more and much later. Are you aware of what your kids are saying and doing?

I don’t know if parents realize that children have the filthiest mouths and talk the most trash when gaming online. As an online gamer myself, I’ve witnessed it first hand on several occasions. It’s pretty much an everyday thing especially when summer time sets in. I know a lot of you may be thinking.


“Not my little angel. He knows better” or “Nope, he knows I would beat him within an inch of his life” but from what I’ve seen, there are VERY few kids under 14 years old who play online who don’t curse like sailors the entire time. On top of that they say the dirtiest things imaginable when it comes to talking trash. Usually, the younger they are the more horrible the language is. I will actually be doing more blogs on this subject in the future hopefully with video and audio showing parents what I mean,


Stock up on your soap parents! You’re definitely going to want to use it once you hear what comes out of your kids mouths. Where my fellow gamers at? Tell em!