The National Insurance Crime Bureau release their list of the nation's 'hot spots' for stolen cars. Surprisingly, ODESSA is ranked #4 for automobile theft with over 850 vehicles stolen last year alone. Omg, not good! The other cities in the top 5 are all California cities. So what can we do to prevent car theft? I've got some easy, common sense tips to follow:

  •      Always lock your doors.
  • Never leave your vehicle running alone when you run inside somewhere
  •  Take your keys with you. Even a spare key hidden out of sight is a bad idea.
  •  Roll up your windows all the way, even a sliver of an opening is easy for a car thief to access
  •     Hide valuables. Keep your personal belongings out of sight
  •  Park in populated areas. Thieves are less likely to disturb cars parked on busy, well-lit streets.