This is such a simple concept that it makes you want to scream, "HOW HAVE WE NOT THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?"  I mean seriously, I think we as a whole should all feel really dumb after seeing this lol.

We could even simplify the idea and not even use a detachable capsule. Why not just attach parachutes to the entire plane and not only save lives but save millions of dollars by saving the entire aircraft? Surely there's a reason why they haven't done this already. I refuse to believe the answer to saving that many lives was this simple lol.

People before be like, "OMG people keep falling to their deaths when planes break down in mid air. If only we could invent something that could make them fall slower so they hit the ground softer and don't die, but what insane alien technology could possibly do that? I mean, we already use parachutes to make astronauts re-entering the earths atmosphere in capsules at twice the speed of sound slow down enough to not die, but if only there were a way to do the same thing for commercial airlines!" until one day some genius said "Bruh! What if we used that same thing we already use to make people not die when they hit the ground from great heights!" then everyone was all like, You mean a parachute? C'mon dude, thats just crazy talk."

Mind = Blown