A Meek Mill concert in Wilmington, Del., ended with four people being shot while leaving the venue.

According to the News Journal, Delaware state troopers arrived at Moodswing Nightclub at 1:50AM and heard multiple gunshots being fired within the crowd. They also witnessed 600 to 700 patrons in the parking lot running to their cars to get away from the shooting.

When the chaos ended, four people suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Three of the victims were men in their early twenties and the fourth was a 33-year-old woman.

"Troopers were able to secure the scene, clear and disperse the crowd without further incident,” said Sgt. Paul Shavack in a statement.

Two victims were treated at the scene and taken to local hospitals while friends helped two others get treatment for their injuries.

Troopers have no suspects at this time or a reason for the shooting.