A letter to the husbands/boyfriends in our lives:In the days leading up to the kickoff of football season I've heard from just about any man I've come in contact with... football season is almost here! You ready to be a football widow? Don't bother me when the Cowboys are playing! And other similar comments. Well guess what? Now it's the ladies turn to respond to your (insensitive) comments....

1.I know more about the game than you think! But I ask all those dumb questions to "make you feel important" and guess what? It works everytime. Thought you said I wouldn't have your attention during the game?

2.Remember when I was watching my fave daytime talk show that I had saved on TiVo the other day and you felt the need to comment on every guest, their "dumb topics" as you put it and proceed to ask why I watch that crap? I too wanted to watch without interruption, but it didn't happen did it? Well, I didn't forget. Payback is a....!!

3.I actually enjoy watching the game with you. No, really! For several reasons: Miles Austin, Tom Brady, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow....'nuff said.

4.Go ahead, bring all your buddies over, eat, drink and have a good time watching your football. I'll even have snacks ready and "bring you another beer." The smile on my face while I'm serving you...it's not because I'm enjoying waiting on you and your friends....it's because in my head I'm thinking of what chick flick you're going to take me to watch this weekend, all the fun we're going to have shopping together and which restaurant you're going to take me to eat at, because yep, you guessed it, YOU OWE ME!

Now...where my girls at? Ladies....can I get an AMEN?!