I've been an In Living Color fan since as long as I can remember. My brother and I used to watch re-runs on BET every night like clockwork. The Wayans Bros, Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, and of course J Lo as one of the Fly Girls.

Back then, no one payed attention to Jenny from the block because she hadn't yet been cast in the lead role of her breaking movie Selena. Back in those days she was just a back up dancer, so it's not surprising that we overlooked this for so many years. Don't get me wrong, she can tear it up when it's choreographed but while watching this episode last night, my girlfriend busted out laughing out of nowhere and pointed out the very interesting dancing style of young Jenny.

The only way to really describe it is "Carlton with a limp". You see more and more of her as the video progresses and the dancing gradually gets worse as she runs out of go to moves. We still love you and that booty though girl, and for the record, I can't dance either lol.

Here's the clip