Cats rule and dogs drool! Actually I like both but in honor of national cat day I'm inclined to give our feline friends mad props.

It seems very fitting that this time of year would be dedicated to our agile balls of claws and crazy. Halloween is definitely a cat time of year for obvious reasons. My first pet was a cat named Sheba named after what I thought they were saying in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they spoke of the Hindu god of destruction Shiva. Skully maaahhh! Skully maaaah. . .

I think I was always destined to be a nerd. I always wanted to be the really smart science nerd who excelled in awesome mad scientist experiments but sadly I just turned out to be the typical everyday run of the mill nerd with an exceeding amount of useless information on completely useless subjects. Much like a cat, I can't keep my attention on anything long enough to really focus on it. To quote the immortal Will Ferrell impersonating sports announcer Harry Carey, "That's why my friends call me whiskers."

Here's a video of our furry felines doing what they do best.